Pathetic: Helpless woman cries out for help over genital mutilation!

Those who think the days of unwholesome and dastard practices of the stone age are gone for good, might be shocked to know that some of these practices still go on in this clime, after reading the pathetic story of the subject matter of this story, and perhaps help her in giving her a succor through their joint and several appeals to those in authority.
In this age of modernity and scientific advancement, some communities and people in Nigeria, in particular, are still reveling in the archaic and sadistic cultures and practices of the past which should have been thrown into the dustbin of history.
The cases of killing of twins, genital mutilation, circumcision and tribal marks readily come to mind, all of which have proved over the years that they do not in any way have any significance or value to those involved, as modernity has proven them to be satanic, heinous and wicked acts of those still involved in these shoddy acts.
This is about the intriguing, pathetic and perplexing story of a seemingly helpless mother of two, who is now battling intensely to save her daughter from being circumsized, at the instance of her wicked in-laws, who are perpetually hell-bent on making good their plans.
Apparently troubled by the imminent and attendant danger in the genital mutilation of girl-child in Nigeria, one Mrs Aderonke Mobolade has openly cried out and called on all spirited Nigerians, government agencies and the entire world, if need be, to come to her aid and save her five year-old daughter, Eniola, from the pangs of her unrepentant in-laws who want to forcefully subject her to the inhuman process of genital mutilation, all in the name of tradition.
Over the years, visibly disturbed Mrs. Mobolade has been at the mercy of her husband’ relations , who have often individually and severally been threatening her on the circumcision issue, thus forcing her to cry out to Nigerians, knowing full well that the family will stop at nothing to ensure their devious will is done.
According to her, “I have constantly refused the family’s dangerous intention because of the numerous cases of many young girls in the family, who had been needlessly mutilated after FGM”  In a rather very somber and apologetic mood, the visibly poor and helpless woman, who ran to the neihgbouring country , Ghana, recalled a particular incident in April, 2009, just four years after the birth of her first child, one of her elderly husband’s relations, one Mr. Samuel Mobolade and his eldest son, Kunle, now of blessed memory, came to her house in Fagba, area of Lagos and demanded to take away her girl-child for circumcision. They called me invective names and rained unprintable curses on me for not allowing the tradition of their family to take place on my innocent girl child. I sat on the floor crying with my child, firmly-held in-between my thighs, as Mr. Samuel Mobolade dragged her from my grasp; but I resisted them with all the strength in me, holding firmly to my daughter. “It was only the help of God, my vehemently opposing immediate neighbours, and the strong will of my husband that averted what would have led to a blood-bath on that day, because I insisted they never get their hands on my daughter, and that it will be over my dead body. Many wicked and uneducated people still indulge in this act and I am calling on all well-meaning Nigerians and spirited organizations to please help save my child from the Mobolade family of the Owu clan in Abeokuta. I am crying for help because I do not want my child to undergo any form of female genital mutilation, because of the inherent danger in the unwholesome and practice. I don’t want to lose my child” This, in essence, is a Save our Soul, SOS, message from Mrs. Mobolade to appropriate authorities for help, as there are still many in similar situations, who just cannot sum up enough courage to voice out for fear of being ostracized by their traducers, all in the name of keeping one bastardized and wicked tradition in place. And one hopes those in authority are reading this SOS from Mrs. Mobolade, whose case is pushing her to perplexity and disillusionment. Her case calls for immediate attention before her husband’s relations make good their devilish intention, even as her husband is helpless.
For the record, the innocuous practice, Female Genital Mutilation, (a.k.a. FGM,) is recognized internationally as a violation of the human right of girls and women. It reflects a deep-rooted inequality between the sexes and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women and the feminine gender in general.

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