Billionaire Businessman Femi Otedola Celebrates Wife At 50

A century is a long time in a man’s life. And Nana Otedola, the pleasantly beautiful wife of Billionaire Businessman, Femi Otedola, understands and appreciates this, and how far she has come in life. Yes, she is 50 today!

She didn’t receive a card from a chiropractor. Neither for her were the thoughts of Led Zepplin’s summation that age 50 is halfway up the stairway to heaven. She is however not unmindful of the fact that at 50, life now seems shorter but in words and deeds, she evinced her gratefulness to God for the grace and good health to daily wake up without any aches and anxieties.

Interestingly, one of the major sources of joy of Femi Otedola, is Nana, his beloved wife and eternal soul mate. For a man with the world at his feet, literally, earthly things shouldn’t necessarily excite him. But for the 50th birthday celebration of Nana, two things would have happened; either the birthday girl chooses to ferry her guests to any part of the world and throw a party that privileged and preeminent attendees would relish, recall and recount eternally with gusto; or her husband would shut down the Lagos social establishment with a breathtakingly glamorous party.

A destination birthday celebration would come as no surprise either. After all, she marked her 40thbirthday in London. Not because he fancies showing off his enormous wealth; far from it; but because he cherishes Nana, the mother of his kids and the one who adds plenty sheen to his glowing and glorious being.

And because he understands that turning 50 and still remaining fit and fabulous is an indubitable reminder of how far one has come in life – the many storms weathered; the vicissitudes, the tragedies and the joys; everything in the mix. So, those who know the family intimately said Otedola was ready to open the vaults to celebrate his wife’s milestone birthday with a party that would be talked about for a long time.

However, while, as at today, the d-day, there is no official word from the family, sources said the proposed high-octane birthday party has been cancelled. This is inevitable given the prevailing devastation and distancing the corona-virus pandemic has occasioned around the world.

According to a source, the day would not just go like that as Femi is organising a sumptuous dinner for her at their palatial mansion in London tonight.

Today, as Nana adds another year to her enchanting life, the pert, blue flame of joy burns through her pretty frame; brightening her world and burnishing her persona with irrepressible shine.The beautiful mother of Femi’s children is beside herself with joy for being privileged to witness yet another glorious addition to her inspiring days.

She is celestial, almost surreal even – the one who can wish away the crippling stress of running a conglomerate with just the soothing poetry of her voice. And he treats her as such. Unlike most husbands, Femi hardly reminds his wife, Nana, “of an orangutan trying to play the violin.” And unlike the late French writer, Honoré de Balzac, Nana has no reason to doubt or disdainfully analyze the character and depth of her husband’s love for her in such manner.
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