Between OANDO’s Wale Tinubu And Mofe Boyo’s Wives

Both Wale and Mofe are seen to be Siamese Twins not only because they run a thriving oil and gas business ONADO together, but because outside business, they still remained glued like the mountain of  Gilbarter. The two corporate players do most things together that many would think they are just the only two people who started and run the business. However, how good the relationship between the two is, many are of the opinion that the wives are not on the same page with the jolly friend husbands. 

Mofe Boyo and wife
Wale Tinubu

As close as Mofe Boyo And Wale Tinubu are, the wives Ego Boyo and Bola Tinubu seem not to like each other that much that you can count the times they’ve been together alone.
Now, concerned people are asking what could be the problem between the two ladies. 
Could this be attributed to ego or sheer rivalry? They are in the best position to. Produce an answer for this poser 

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