Baale Abeeb Lawal Speaks Over Wife Battering … Says “I Did Not Beat Nor Stab Her”

The Baale of Ikolalumo in Meiran/ Ajasa command area Lagos state has come out to debunk the raging news that he attacked his wife over phone call. The gentleman wondered why on earth would he beat or stab his wife while stressing the issue. Speaking exclusively to, he said, his wife had promised to disgrace him when the issue of divorce came up between them hence the need to cook up what happened .

He said the injury she sustained was stage managed in a fit of rage when  both parties were involved in what was meant to be normal argument between couples.
“The internet era is difficult now; even if a stone is regarded as bread, many people would have believed before knowing the true picture” he stated.

Speaking further, he said he has never raised his hand to beat a woman and has no intention of doing so now or later in life. He concluded by saying people live around the neighbourhood where the supposed incidence happened; they can always talk about what transpired that day and the kind of person he is.

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