Ayo Fayose Falls out With Wife for Predicting His 2nd Impeachment … Wife Relocates To Ibadan

   If the fresh prediction of Mrs. Feyisara Fayose, the wife of Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Peter Fayose is anything to go by, the rabble rousing governor may not complete his new term as the number one citizen of the fountain of knowledge state.
It is not in doubt that the exceedingly religious wife is taken seriously especially by the husband any time she decides to utter a word that concerns spirituality. This is because she made a prediction that the husband will not complete his term as governor in 2003 and in 2006, the prediction became reality. Though, when he was impeached, many described it as an orchestrated plot by the Obasanjo’s administration, but the fact still remained that the wife saw tomorrow.

Mrs. Fayose also surprised people with her prediction at her 50th birthday anniversary, telling whoever cared to listen that the husband will return to the Government House in 2014. Why many were astounded with the prediction then, was because as at the time, Ayo Fayose had little or no chance to emerge as the candidate of the party not to talk of ascending the number one spot in the state.
This prediction again came to pass and when it happened, many tagged her as someone who is highly gifted spiritually 
Now that she has told the husband her new prediction, Governor Fayose is not taking it lightly with her. The Ekiti First Lady had to relocate to Ibadan Oyo state where she is hibernating at present, when the heat became enormous and unbearable for her.

According to what cityrovers.blogspot.com gathered, the lady made the prediction on their way to church recently.And ever since, the centre has refused to hold for the fascinating  couple

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