Anxiety Mounts Over Dissapearance Of Kelvin AIRHIENBUWA

it is gemearlly believed that “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” This quote by a great mind has played out in the life of a young man who was has been missing from every known place since the last election.
The young man Kellvin
AIRHIENBUWA seems to have vanished into thin air ever since the ugly incident that happened during the last election in Gboko, the capital city of Benue state where four policeman were killed.
Although, it has not been established yet if Kelvin was part of those who committed the heinous act but the report gathered has it that he was part of the political thugs who invaded the voting centre to disrupt the process when the ugly incident happened.
According to the information at our disposal, Kelvin and his others stormed one of the voting centres in Gboko to cause mayhem when it was evident that their candidate was going to lose that election. They not only caused mayhem but also snatched the ballot boxes.
As soon as these vicious looking young men stormed the place, pandemonium broke out that everyone was running helter skelter so as not to be caught in the miliu. It was in the process of trying to stop them that that police released gunshots to scare them away. However, unknown to the police the thugs were also armed that they responded sporadically. In the process, fourpolice men were felled by the bullets of the thugs.
Before anyone knew what was happening the thugs had disappeared into thin air amidst the hullabaloo.
It was after the ugly episode that the identities of the thugs were revealed by the authority.
As soon as it was made public, the police have since then declared them wanted.
Meanwhile close relative of Kelvin have been standing for him that he has no hand in the shooting, he was just a victim at circumstance. The relative claim that he has never held a gun before and he was only lied to by a top politician to join the group that created the problem. “he has never done anything like that before; in fact, that should be his first time because he was sent to school and he is very brilliant” says a close relative of the young man.
Till date as we gathered, no one has heard or seen Kelvin since the sordid episode at least to come and defend himself.

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