Another Blackout Imminent As National Grid Collapses Again

The Nigerian national electricity grid has collapsed for the 17th time this year.
Power distributors in Kaduna, Abuja and other parts of the country said they have not been able to receive bulk electricity from the national supply line.“We regret to inform you that the power outage being experienced in our franchise states is due to system collapse of the national grid. The collapse occurred at about 18:47 pm this evening hence the loss of supply on all our outgoing feeders,” Kaduna Electric announced on Sunday evening.

“Power supply shall be restored as soon as the national grid is powered back,” the statement added.

It is unclear how many states are affected by today’s grid collapse.

The disruption marked the 17th time the grid would collapse this year. While some collapses were not made public because they lasted for a short period, many others were made public and lasted days in some cases.

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