Ambode Aide’s Deji Tinubu’s Death Latest … Men In Their 40s And 50s Scared Of Rigorous Exercise To Keep Fit

The death of Deji Tinubu an aide of governor Ambode yesterday night at a retreat in Epe has sent shivers to the spines of many males who are in their 40s and 50s over sudden death which they fear could occur during rigorous exercise like playing football and other physical sports.

According to many who took to social media and those that spoke with, they fear that many of them who have not been exercising should not jump at impressing anyone by getting involve in rigorous sporting activities.. They argued further that since many of them have been involved in social activities like smoking, drinking and having series of sex partners, their strength would have waned drastically couple with the advancement of age.

To many, if there should be a need for exercise, it should be introduced gradually for the system to get used to it before putting undue pressure on the heart that will later become too hard for it to contain.

Many who made known on social media claim that henceforth, the only sports that will interest.them will be Ludo, Whot and Draft

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