Amazing! Traditional Cult Groups Fight Over Late London Big Girl Bola Amole’s (BIMS) Corpse

Wonders they say shall never end so far there is still abundance of oxygen for the lungs. It is very true that ever since the shocking death of one of the richest Nigerian traders in the United Kingdom, Bola Amole, the owner of BIMS African store in Peckham,  many controversies have cropped up.
The fact that her passing away was unexpected because she was fit as a fiddle before death crawled in, many believed she was killed spiritually. Some others even reported assassination, while many believed she died because of her involvement in the dirty waters of politics.

What is, however, more dreadful, is the buzz in town  that traditional cult groups are fighting for her corpse.  gathered exclusively that some traditional cultists want to take over the burial plan because she was believed to be a member of many  before her demise. A close friend of late Bola Amole, who is the proprietor of BIMS African Foods Limited based in London, United Kingdom and BIMS Afro Continental located in Lagos, said that what has been stalling the burial arrangement of the lady who also served as the National President of the Association of Food and Vegetable Exporters of Nigeria ferrying African food is the issue of the cultists.
Mrs Risikat Bola Amole, was the chairperson of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in the entire Europe up till 2003 before she joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and now Accord Party.
She was also a member of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. She was aspiring to go to the House of Representatives this year before her sudden death.

 We shall keep you posted as the news develops.

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