Actor Earnest Asuzu’s Illness Relapses …Admitted At LASUTH

It is no rumour that actor Earnest Asuzu battled illness that many termed as mental some years back. At the beginning of the illness, the rap artiste/actor who began his acting career in the late 90s was arrested when he jumped into the compound of a Lagos based television station MITV in the wee hours of the night.

Earnest did not only jump into the compound, he destroyed any thing that came his way before the police were invited to tame him.
It was later confirmed that he had issues with his mental state, hence his irrational behaviour.
Not long after those incidences, the talented actor came back with a mission to rebrand; about that time, he claimed he has given his life to Christ and everything seems well after then.
Unfortunately, it seems his illness has found a way back to his life despite spirited efforts by the actor and those around him to keep it permanently in the locks.
Earnest Asuzu for some time has been a tenant of the Lagos State University Teaching University (LASUTH). The actor was admitted into the Emergency ward of the hospital when he was attacked by the ever disturbing ailment.
Although, we cannot say precisely if the actor is still in the hospital till now, he has, however, been seen in the hospital for more than two weeks.
What came as a rude shock to most people who either came to see relations or patients of the hospital is that, the actor seems to have been abandoned by his family members except the wife who resumes at the hospital after close of work.
Many wondered why he was left all alone without a single person checking on him or bringing anything to him except the wife. A source, however, hinted us that the family are tired of his irrational behaviour hence the reason they stayed off him.
Our dependable source who observed him for close to two weeks at the hospital together hinted us that, the actor gyrated between moods; most times he would be calm and sometimes, he would be wild that he would be injected before his strong bones will be relaxed again.
Severally, we were told that he would disrupt the infusion of liquid substances directly into his veins. Many people who were around him were scared that he could hurt them but surprisingly he never exhibited trait of attacking anyone else.

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