Genevieve Nnaji, diagnosed with psychosis due to drug abuse in Texas.”

One Sil Fenesse, a US-based Nurse has now confirmed the rumors’ of Geneveive Nnaji battling a mental breakdown at an American hospital in Texas.

According to reports the actress had a mental breakdown from addiction to drugs,

A blogger recalls that earlier today, another controversial blogger, name withheld, alleged that the actress, Genevieve Nnaji is suffering from mental issue and has been seeking treatment in Houston, Texas, hence the reason for Genevieve Nnaji’s sudden disappearance from the social scene and social media.

The blogger claimed that the actress went into mental breakdown and had tattooed her body with blade.

According to the blog, ” her team members are trying to hide the news and were responsible for deleting all her Instagram posts.
According to information reaching vawulence headquarters, the actress is currently down with mental issue and taking treatment in Houston, Texas. Genevieve has been admitted for psychosis in a hospital in Texas (Name withheld)

she went loco some months ago. They are hiding the info like say tomorrow no dey and we can’t help but tell her fans so they can put her in prayers..”

” Can you remember when she was posting plenty of random weird stuff? Then she tattooed a cross on her wrist with a blade, was so terrible that they had to keep an eye on her. She was admitted sometime this year and we hope she recovers fast, her media aides are really working overtime to keep the story out of the public but I feel they should let the world know so they can out her in their prayers and not drag her unnecessarily….Say no to drugs” the blog had revealed.”

Now confirming the allegations, one Sil feese a Nurse in the US commented under the blog’s post saying “Kai, you are so current and informed. I have known this for 3 months now but I didn’t want to expose it because I am a nurse in the USA and it is wrong and I really feel for her”

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