Dreaded Vigilante Group On The Trail Of Popular Spare Part Seller Chuks Ibude For Homosexuality

 In Nigeria today, homosexuality has become a criminal offence that is punishable under the law as gays and lesbians in the country risk being jailed for 14 years if the unholy act is discovered by the law.
 Since the signing of this new law by the Nigerian parliament, not a few people have been arrested while some are still living in the shadow of their act believing the long arm of the law will overlook them, not to talk about those who have gone to the great beyond courtesy of jungle justice meted out to them by people who vehemently oppose the act.

One of the people who have for some time escaped from being killed or being arraign is one Ibude Chuks who has disappeared into thin air for some time now.
The popular motor spare parts seller who plies his trade around Agip area of the garden city of Port Harcourt was lucky to have escaped lynching when news filtered into the neighbourhood about his unholy liaison his gay partner. The neighbours who loath this unholy association invited the feared vigilante group who took laws into their hands to teach Chucks and his partner a lesson he’ll never forget.
Both Chuks and his partner who is a top political party coordinator in Rumuokoro  area of Portharcourt  were given out by one of the traders at his place of work, we learnt.
According to what we gathered, Chuck and his partner took to their heels before either the law or the vigilante group could lay their hands on them.  Luckily, Chuks we scooped escaped from Portharcourt  to Onitsha ; and ever since nothing has been heard about him again.

 His people are apprehensive that his life is in dare danger should any of those looking for him apprehend him.

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